Episode 15 - Parenting Stresses

Healing Conversations with Twoana~Overcoming Christian Parenting Stress

In this “Healing Conversations with Twoana” episode, special guests Twoana Clark-Sheppard and Tosha Callahan are featured.  Twoana is the Founder of Abundant Living Legacy Life Care in Overland Park, Kansas and a Altered Stories Ministry Board member. She appears weekly on multiple broadcast streams via her talk show, “Talk About IT with Twoana” where she raises awareness to the stigma and plight of mental health.  

Tosha is the Altered Stories Ministry Social Media Volunteer Manager.  She is a Christian and wife of 12 years.  She and her husband have six boys. She is a stepmom to three, biological mother of two and a incredibly blessed adoptive mother to one.  

Twoana and Tosha share in their conversation Tosha’s ups and downs with Christian parenting and the many stress factors she has encountered and how she has best managed them by leaning into her faith and with the support from her husband, Mom, Aunt, cousin, counselors, teachers and those in her church.  Twoana shares her perspective on Christian parenting and words of wisdom from the Bible to encourage Tosha, and other Christian and non-Christian parents who are in need of encouragement as they raise their children.


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Tosha Callahan & Family

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Healing Conversations with Twoana

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“Talk About IT with Twoana”

"Talk About IT with Twoana” where she raises awareness to the stigma and plight of mental health.  

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