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Kathy's Journey

 In this Episode, I feature special guest and former Altered Stories Ministry Guest Blogger, Kathy Joy.  Kathy Joy lives in Erie, Pennsylvania and is a widow, Author, Speaker and former Radio personality who was a favorite D.J. in Colorado, who turned her phrases to catch and tickle the ears of her listeners.  Over the years, she has been on a journey she didn’t sign up for that has taken her places she never imagined – a journey that has connected her with widows, parents and individuals who have suffered loss.  In our candid conversation, Kathy Joy shares her life altering God story of grief and loss, survival and recovery and how God used her gifts of creativity and writing unexpectedly to help her heal from the unexpected loss of her husband and the rejection experienced from family members after his death.  She also shares how God helped her restore broken family relationships and how those struggling with grief/loss can best heal and recover by leaning into their relationship with God and getting involved in community.  Enjoy listening to her  inspirational and God glorifying Altered story!  

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Kathy Joy

The Journey

  Kathy Joy is on the bus she didn't sign up for: the one that takes her places she'd never imagined -- a journey that has connected her with widows, parents and individuals who have suffered loss.

Through her speaking and books, Kathy is celebrating the provision of God to a bereft spirit; infusing hope wherever she goes ! 


Radio personality, Kathy Joy, a favorite D.J. in Colorado, turned her phrases to catch and tickle ears.

Life as she knew it turned upside down when she lost her husband by sudden cardiac arrest. Tragedy multiplied as this grief led to the additional loss of the family farm. Quite alone, raising her children became a daily feat. During the sorrowing process, she wrestled with difficulty and looming days of depression.

In fact, this little coffee-table book amazes the reader with a hope that is born out of grief.

Yet, her God-given creative mind kept nudging her forward. She began to notice at least three beautiful images every day. Intentionally, she'd jot down these memories to acknowledge the good moments.

Speaking wonder became the thread of Kathy Joy's Everyday Celebrations.


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