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Kelly Shares with Twoana

 Episode 19 is ready for your listening ears📷🏻📷📷🏽 on Spotify, ITunes, and Stitcher 📷! In this special Episode recorded on International Podcast 📷Day, guest host Twoana Clark- Sheppard 🤩and former Altered Stories Show guest, Kelly Patterson🤩 discuss Kelly’s traumatic experience as a Human/Sex Trafficking victim from the age of four to almost 22 years old and the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) issues she encountered as a result of her experience, which also involved torture.  Twoana provides her professional and Godly 📷insight on Kelly’s experience and her recovery and also shares her Biblical perspective.  Kelly also shares her Godly📷 perspective on her traumatic experience to provide hope to victims and survivors and also brings awareness about dissociation disorder that many victims develop to bring awareness to the plight of many Human /Sex Trafficking victims. Enjoy listening 📷🏽📷📷🏻to this God glorifying show and do share this podcast 📷with others! 

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Guest Host Twoanna Clark-Sheppard w/Kelly Patterson



Trafficked to Treasure Author, Kelly Patterson

 Kelly survived "Ring Trafficking" from a very young age.  Her story will open your eyes and break your heart.  She was helped by a bunch of "crazy Christians".  Kelly reached out to Billy Graham Ministries and found the love of the Holy Spirit.  She was able to see through the 'fog' and find her way out.  She's never looked back!

She feared sleeping until God spoke to her in a dream.  He knew the depths of her fear and the depths of her soul.  She knew from that night forward her healing would be whole.      


Trafficked to Treasured

Be sure to read Kelly's book!

 You don't have to be perfectly healed to reach out and help others...TO BE A VOICE!"


Twoanna Clark-Sheppard

Twoana is a highly sought-after public speaker who has ministered, presented and trained for many area and national churches and organizations to include International Association of Women, Central Exchange, Kansas Leadership Center, FEMA, EPA (Federal Government), Mid-America Regional Council, Central Exchange, International Association Of Women, DREAMS Orgs, UMKC, Destiny Bible Fellowship, Greater Pentecostal Temple, Crossroads Church, and Girls Scouts of America.  A recipient of the Inspirational Influencer Award by IAW, she works tirelessly to be a voice for all who battle mental and emotional illness. 

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