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ASM Episode 20 ~Healing Conversations with Twoana

In this Episode, guest host, Twoana Clark-Sheppard and special guest, Altered Stories Ministry donor and Beautycounter Director, Lyn Clark discuss openly Lyn’s journey of emotional, physical and spiritual recovery from her former unhealthy lifestyle choices, which led her to her calling and passion of being a holistic nutritionist. In their conversation, Twoana provides her Christian therapist professional and Godly insight on Lyn’s journey of recovery.  Lyn also shares her Godly perspective, professional insight and wisdom on her recovery to provide hope to those who may be struggling with their mental, physical and spiritual health and desire to honor God by making healthy choices to grow stronger in their body, mind and spirit!  

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Guest Host Twoanna Clark-Sheppard with Lyn Clark


Lyn Clark

 Lyn believes that what you eat can affect how you feel, your attitude toward people you encounter, and how you will age. When we eat for health and wellness people around us will notice a difference and want to learn about how they too can lead a healthier lifestyle.

Lyn is a holistic nutritionist who is married to a wonderful health enthusiast and professional tennis player. She has three children and her number one goal is to show her clients that Health is Wellness. She enjoys yoga, creating healthy meals, and spending time with her clients. Teaching seminars, cooking classes, and making homemade truffles are her favorite pastimes.


Lyn Clark Family

The most important thing to grow in is, Mind, Body and Spirit!



 Lyn earned her degree from Integrative Institute for Nutrition in New York City. Most of the time you will find Lyn reading the latest research in health journals so that she can keep her clients up to date on current health news. 

Connect with Lyn: 

Twoanna Clark-Sheppard

Healing Conversations with Twoana

Twoana is a highly sought-after public speaker who has ministered, presented and trained for many area and national churches and organizations to include International Association of Women, Central Exchange, Kansas Leadership Center, FEMA, EPA (Federal Government), Mid-America Regional Council, Central Exchange, International Association Of Women, DREAMS Orgs, UMKC, Destiny Bible Fellowship, Greater Pentecostal Temple, Crossroads Church, and Girls Scouts of America.  A recipient of the Inspirational Influencer Award by IAW, she works tirelessly to be a voice for all who battle mental and emotional illness.