In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Healing Conversations with Twoana: Breast Cancer Survivor Mental Health Recovery

In this last Episode of October (Breast Cancer Awareness month), special guest host Twoana Clark-Sheppard and former guest, Kris Barta (Episode 5~Kris’ Story) discuss openly Kris’ journey of mental health and physical recovery as a breast cancer patient and survivor. Twoana shares her Christian therapist and Godly insight on Kris’ journey of recovery based on her experience with counseling breast cancer/cancer patients and survivors and from her research. Kris also shares candidly her Godly perspective on her recovery and the struggles she encountered emotionally and physically that she never anticipated. She also shares her recommendation on how those fighting breast cancer or recovering who are struggling with mental health issues can best adapt to the changes they are experiencing by leaning on God, supportive counselors, family and friends.  

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Kris Barta


Breast Cancer Survivor

 Kris has known the love of Jesus for many years, but as is typical with so many of us her relationship with Him changed in a dramatic way...please listen to her story. 


Cancer and Rainbows?!

 What an inspiration Kris' story is!  She believed in God's promises through the battle and she saw his nearness in her every day life.  Do you see God's love in rainbows?  Kris does.  


Healing Conversations with Twoana

 Twoana is a highly sought-after public speaker who has ministered, presented and trained for many area and national churches and organizations to include International Association of Women, Central Exchange, Kansas Leadership Center, FEMA, EPA (Federal Government), Mid-America Regional Council, Central Exchange, International Association Of Women, DREAMS Orgs, UMKC, Destiny Bible Fellowship, Greater Pentecostal Temple, Crossroads Church, and Girls Scouts of America.  A recipient of the Inspirational Influencer Award by IAW, she works tirelessly to be a voice for all who battle mental and emotional illness.