ASM Episode 24

Healing Conversations with Twoana: Divorce Recovery

In my final Episode of this show segment, I bring KC special guest host Twoana Clark-Sheppard and KC former podcast guest, Annie Allen (Episode 8) together to discuss Annie’s mental health recovery from a toxic marriage and divorce. Annie shares transparently with Twoana her personal journey of recovery from her divorce as a Christian woman, which lead her to a new career as a divorce consultant and real estate agent to help other women going through divorce. She also shares how she still struggles and how her faith and counselors have helped her in her healing.  In addition, she shares ministering words of healing and scriptures to those going through a divorce or healing from one. Twoana shares in their conversation her Godly wisdom, Christian perspective and insight on Annie's healing journey based on her personal experience with divorce and in counseling her patients who have come through divorce or going through one.  In addition, she shares ministering words of encouragement for those who may be struggling as a result of going through a divorce. 

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Annie Allen


Mental health recovery from a toxic marriage and divorce

Annie - Divorce Real Estate Consultant

Annie is a Christian divorced, mother of two and grandmother of one who has begun an exciting new later-in-life career as a Divorce Real Estate Consultant. The journey that led her to her career was not one she planned, but as God often does, He is using what she has been through for His Glory, in her professional, personal and spiritual life.

Truth and Grace Healing

Annie also hosts a Facebook blog page called “Truth and Grace Healing” where she shares encouragement of all kinds for those enduring or leaving toxic relationships. In addition, she leads a women’s relationship recovery support group, called Starting Over Stronger (S.O.S.), through her local church, Abundant Life in Lee Summit.

Contact Annie

Annie shares in our conversation authentically about her long toxic marriage, difficult divorce and how God guided her through her recovery efforts and emotional healing through biblical forgiveness to where she is today. 

Annie loves to help other women.  

If you need to reach Annie:  816-456-4919

Twoanna Clark-Sheppard

Healing Conversations with Twoana

Twoana is a highly sought-after public speaker who has ministered, presented and trained for many area and national churches and organizations to include International Association of Women, Central Exchange, Kansas Leadership Center, FEMA, EPA (Federal Government), Mid-America Regional Council, Central Exchange, International Association Of Women, DREAMS Orgs, UMKC, Destiny Bible Fellowship, Greater Pentecostal Temple, Crossroads Church, and Girls Scouts of America.  A recipient of the Inspirational Influencer Award by IAW, she works tirelessly to be a voice for all who battle mental and emotional illness.