ASM Episode 25

Sanda’s Story

In my last God story episode of 2019, Episode 25, “Sanda’s Story”, I interview Kingdom Rockstar, Sanda Allyson, Founder of Myrtle Ministries (a biblically based counseling and teaching ministry) Spiritual Warfare Counselor and author of Power InFusion.  Sanda shares in our conversation her miraculous God story of her death and back to life experience, as a result of being a victim of a tragic accident in California where she was thrown up in the air and tossed around numerous times landing on her head after being hit by a 4x4 vehicle.  

She also shares how God (and an Angel of God) was with her through the experience, while transcending physically into eternal life and back into her body.   She further shares how God supernaturally healed her from her massive injuries that were expected to leave her paralyzed for life, which ministered the power of Jesus Christ to her doctors and nurses and others who knew the extent of her injuries.

Sanda and I also discuss how God has used her experience in helping others through sharing her story and to start her ministry and write her book to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to those who are not believers and to those believers who struggle with anxiety, doubt and fear.  She also shares in our conversation her perspective on spiritual warfare and how as believers we can walk in God confidence when undergoing spiritual attacks by Satan. 

Lastly, in wrapping up our discussion she shares her vision of 2020 and encouraging words of wisdom that are also foretold in Matthew 24 and Luke 17.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Sanda Allyson



Sanda Allyson is the founder of Myrtle Ministries, a biblically based counseling and teaching ministry. Her first book, POWER INFUSION, was released in September and is available on her website, Myrtle, and through all major book retailers. She holds a diploma in biblical counseling with a special emphasis in trauma. She has studied with multiple ministries specializing in spiritual warfare to avoid the trap of a very narrow view of the subject, and has decades of experience in spiritual warfare research and ministry. Sanda has been a frequent guest on The Power Hour and was recently on The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges and Hear The Watchmen with Mike Kerr.


Sanda's Book



Spiritual Warfare that Changes Everything and the Joys in Battle through the God of Victory

This Changes Everything!

A GUIDEBOOK that equips and empowers the Remnant to be effective in the last days!

A ROADMAP to freedom from bondage and a deeper relationship with Yeshua Jesus, so we can take back the territory the Enemy has stolen!

POWER INFUSION is available at on the Store page and at all major book retailers. 


"Myrtle", hadas, הֲדַס in Hebrew, is a flowering tree native to Israel. The Hebrew letters are: Hey - "behold; reveal",  Dalet - "pathway to enter", and Samech - "to support".

Many ministries provide either counseling or deliverance. Myrtle Ministries provides a unique, three pillar approach to inner healing by combining counseling to address trauma, wounding and negative life patterns, with spiritual warfare to address bondage, together with a strong discipleship component.

Through our teaching ministry, we also work to educate believers in effective and powerful spiritual warfare according to the biblical model, which has largely been sanitized from or diluted in many congregations, for both greater individual freedom and in order to be equipped for powerful ministry.with you.