ASM Episode 27

Rachel"s Story

In my first episode of February, Episode 27 “Rachel’s Story”, I interview KC ROCKSTAR special guest, Rachel Cohen.  Rachel is the Chief Bear Officer and Founder of My Bear Jeff.  In our conversation, Rachel and I discuss her faith journey, favorite scriptures and why God’s love and peace is so important in helping those who are going through trauma. We also talk about how she created her company from several personal experiences in her life that included her own childhood experience with trauma when she was diagnosed with a very serious heart condition at a young age resulting in her hospitalization.  Rachel also shares how God used her family to help her with her recovery.  She also shares how her trauma experience created a empathy for children going through extreme trauma (poverty, neglect, abuse and made to marry very young).  She saw extreme trauma firsthand while living in Southeast Asia and after she returned to the US she realized trauma was a growing issue even in her own city.  To bring children in trauma comfort God gave her the idea to sell teddy bears as a buy one, give one model and thus My Bear Jeff was born!

Enjoy listening to Rachel’s inspiring God story that is behind her My Bear Jeff  company and her success! 

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Rachel Cohen

My Bear Jeff

In 2015, Rachel Cohen was living in Southeast Asia when she saw the extreme trauma kids go through every day and came back wanting to do something.

Coming back, she realized trauma was a growing issue even in her own city. In the US alone, 34 million kids have experienced at least one form of trauma. Feeling safe, secure and having connection are foundational needs for healthy brain development.

To support the kids, Rachel had an idea to sell teddy bears as a buy one, give one model. For each bear purchased, one would go to a child who experienced trauma. My Bear Jeff was born! While hey can’t stop trauma, the bears can provide a sense of comfort.

In just 4 months, they've gone from just an idea to finding an outstanding manufacturing partner and creating a prototype, ready for production and partnering up with excited local Kansas City nonprofits to bring this idea to life.

The Heart

Each bear comes with a heart stitched on the left side which symbolizes the rare heart procedure Rachel had at age 4 and miraculously made it through. 

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Buy One Send One

For each bear purchased, one will go to a child who has experienced trauma