ASM Episode 28

Meg's Story

 In my last episode of February, I interview Kingdom ROCKSTAR “Letters From Home” podcast host, Meg Glesener.  Meg is a grateful child of God, trying to live her best life with her husband, and their 3 kids left at home, of 8, ages 29-14. In our conversation, she shares her journey through a difficult childhood, how the Lord saves her at 16, how she suffered for her faith at 17, and how ultimately...changed by the love of her heavenly Father...she extends her  heart & home in Seattle, Wa.  to continue sharing that love.  Enjoy listening to her inspiring God story!  

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Meg Glesener

Letters From Home

Wouldn’t you like to peek into someone’s heart and hear their story...their dreams...their failures...their struggles...their life changing encounters & extraordinary moments...? Letters From Home podcast, will bring you such a peek, into one Christ Follower’s heart at a time. I pray you leave each episode, encouraged and inspired to love our God and our world more deeply... IICor. 3:3.....we are not alone.

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