Episode 4 - Mischelle Interviews Diane

Diane's Story

Diane has a passion in helping women to connect with Christ, connect with other women, heal, dream and celebrate through women’s events and retreats.  

Listen as Diane shares her story below.


Diane Andrews


About Diane

Diane Andrews grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. She became a Christian through the ministry of Young Life. During her college years, she helped lead a local Young Life Club with her husband Mike Andrews, who is a graduate of Denver Seminary and currently one of the lead pastors at The Rock Community Church. They have two children, ages 30 and 25, and have been married for 35 years.

Connect with Diane

As Diane speaks, her passion for Christ and her open heart will help other women to be more vulnerable, real, and transparent. Diane looks forward to speaking at your event!


Diane is Founder and Director of R&R Retreats - R&R Retreats was founded on September 11, 2001. During the past 16 years, over 15,000 women's hearts have been touched through more than 175 retreats. 

Enjoy Diane's Interview with Mischelle Below:

Episode 4 - Diane's Story

Mischelle's Interview with Diane - 

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