Episode 7 - Sha's Story

Sha Sparks

Please listen below as Sha shares her victory over drinking and how she came through an abusive relationship.


Sha's Story

Sha Sparks Shares Her Story

Sha Sparks, shares her Altered Story with Mischelle about her journey through life that includes how she uncovered her passion about helping people gain their own confidence.

Sha likes to "peel back the layers in people; like peeling back the layers of an onion."

Sha's story includes a background in church, but not always a follower of Christ; we can all identify with some of that.  She got drunk the first time at 16.  A DUI gave her a new start.  She didn't actually quit drinking until she was 23 and in an abusive relationship. 

When she decided she was tired of drinking...she quit.  God allowed her to simply quit.  She has quite a testimony.  Please listen to Sha as she shares her story of victory over drinking, an abusive relationship as well as how she's been able to help others.    

Sha has a heart to help people.  If you have a need you can contact Sha at:  (no, its not .com :))

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Sha has a Pod Cast:  The Power of Investing in People...Sparks of Hope

Sha's Book:  How To Get Your Voice Back:  6 Steps To Build Your Confidence When Negativity Gets You Down