Episode 9 - Teresa's Story

Teresa Blaes

Listen below as Teresa shares her story of faith and perseverance in the face of blindness.


Teresa's Story



This week I interview Teresa Blaes, the talented host of the Unresolved Life Podcast. We talk about her childhood, how she came to Christ, and how her faith, writing poetry and podcasting has contributed to her healing.  Special Thanks to Kadosh Media for sponsoring this episode. 

Poetry and Cats

In order to find release and therapy from her stresses, Teresa writes poetry "where she's at", sometimes dark, sometimes not.  Teresa lost her mother and her sight the same week.  She knows how it feels to be angry at God.  

Teresa always has a cat at her feet.  Her physical comfort and companion. We can identify with that, right?

Is 1:18  - Come, let us reason together...hear why Teresa loves this scripture.

Teresa advises to use your phone as a tool to get help.  She would love to help you.  Find her on: 

For encouragement and help, also try: 


To study our Hebrew Roots Teresa recommends: 

God gives a care...Teresa knows.  

Teresa wants you to know that God still sees you...