Hello, Altered Stories Family,

Today we celebrate and honor someone who is very important.  Whether your Mom has passed on, or still here, Mother’s Day is something very special.  If your a Mom, know that God gave you a role that cannot be replaced. If you are thinking of your own Mom, then thank God for what she did in your life.

Now I do understand that for some, this day may be very hard.  Maybe, you didn’t have a good relationship with your Mom, and for that I am sorry. I would take some time and ask the Lord how he would have you heal this relationship. if it can be healed.

Maybe you are grieving because you’ve just lost your Mom, or still feel the loss though it was many years ago.  In this case, let yourself feel these things, talk to the Lord about them, it’s all right that you miss your Mom. Perhaps take some time and remember a funny moment, or a good memory.

I know that one that comes to mind is when my Mom and I were sledding, we decided to grease up one of those round sleds, and oh boy did that thing fly!  We went past where we were supposed to stop, and slammed into a bale of hay, landing flat on our backs looking up at the sky.

Mom and I were both quiet for a moment, then we burst out laughing.

It’s a small thing, but a good memory.

Whatever your situation, honor your Mom and as a Mom yourself, it’s ok to receive honor for what you do. God commands us to honor our parents (Exodus 20:12).

I hope this is helpful.

God Bless,


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