For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10

Part-Time Volunteer Executive Director Job Description


Job Summary:  
The Executive Director reports to the CEO/President and is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission, vision, and financial objectives. The Executive Director position takes 20-30 dedicated hours per week but may require longer hours at times.  The President/CEO delegates responsibility for oversight and management of day-to-day operations to the Executive Director and the Executive Director has the authority to carry out these responsibilities in accordance with the direction and policies established by the Board.  

The Executive Director provides direction and enables the Board to carry out its advisory functions.  Together, the Executive Director and volunteer team ensure Altered Stories Ministry’s accomplishment of its mission and vision and the accountability of its constituents.  In mission, policy, and planning, the Executive Director will:  Provide relevant documentation so the Board can monitor and evaluate Altered Stories Ministry service to the community, its effectiveness, and its results.  Keep the Board informed on the status of Altered Stories Ministry health as an organization and ensure transparency between staff and the Board.  Identify problems and opportunities and address them; bring those that are appropriate to the Board; facilitate discussion and deliberation. Inform the Board and its committees about trends, issues, problems, and activities in order to facilitate policy-making. Recommend policy positions.  

The Executive Director will also co-host Altered Stories Show podcasts with the President/CEO and will help with guest vetting and interview scheduling.  The Executive Director will inform the Board of developments in human services, not-for-profit management and governance, and philanthropy and fund development.  


The Executive Director will:

  • Ensure that the organization has an achievable, consistent, and efficient long-range strategy.
  • Provide leadership in developing program, organizational, and financial plans with the Board of Directors and Staff, and carry out plans and policies authorized by the Board.
  • Promote active and broad participation by volunteers in all areas of the organization’s work.
  • Ensure that the organization complies with legal requirements including maintenance of official records and documents, and compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.


The Executive Director will:

  •  See that the board is kept fully informed on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it.
  • Establish and coordinate sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups and organizations.
  • Represent the programs and point of view of the organization to agencies, organizations, and the general public. 

Staff Relations

The Executive Director will:

  • Provide general oversight of all Altered Stories Ministry activities, manage the day-to-day operations (including IT, media, sales, marketing), and assure a smoothly functioning, efficient organization.
  • Provide direct supervision of the volunteers.
  • Be responsible for the recruitment, volunteer commitments, and release of all staff/volunteers.
  • Ensure job descriptions are developed, and regular performance evaluations are held, and sound human resource practices are in place.
  • See that an effective management team, with appropriate provision for succession, is in place as the organization grows.
  • Encourage volunteer/staff development and education and assist program staff in relating their specialized work to the total program of the organization.
  • Maintain a climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse team of top quality people, who are endeavored to further Altered Stories Ministry’s mission statement.

Budget and Finance

The Executive Director will:

  • Be responsible for developing and maintaining sound financial practices.
  • Work with the CEO/President or Board Treasurer in preparing a budget; see that the organization operates within budget guidelines.
  • Work with the Board Treasurer to ensure financing to support short-and long-term goals.
  • Conduct the official correspondence of the organization, and jointly, with designated officers, execute legal documents.  

Community relations

The Executive Director will:

  • Fund-raise, oversee fundraising events, plan conferences, and participate in marketing to facilitate the integration of Altered Stories Ministry into the community.
    Act as an advocate, within the public and private sectors, for issues relevant to Altered Stories Ministry, its services, and constituencies.
  • Listen to volunteers, donors, patrons, sponsors, and the community in order to improve services and generate community involvement.
  • Assure community awareness of Altered Stories Ministry response to community needs.
  • Serve as chief spokesperson for assuring proper representation of Altered Stories Ministry to the community as required.


The Executive Director may not hold any other staff position while holding the Executive Director title. The Executive Director is elected for two years. Must live in/near the Overland Park area.