Hello, Altered Stories Ministry Family,

Recently, we lost a very dear friend, and our pastor suddenly. While I know he is now with the Lord, out of pain, and seeing the King face to face, still we wrestle with the loss, and grief.

One of the things that was made very clear is you don’t know when your time is. You could go to bed one night, and not wake up the next morning.

My friend was ready.  He knew the Lord and he did his work. I believe strongly that he heard “well done good and faithful servant.” The question is, can you say the same?

When it is all said and done and you die, will you be with the Lord, or will he tell you, “Depart from me, for I never knew you.”

If you know the Lord, resolve to serve him faithfully, share the good news with someone you know and love.

If you do not know the Lord as your Lord and Savior, then I ask that you please consider the claims of Christ.

The Bible says he came to this earth, lived the life you could not live, completely perfect, and died on the cross. He was raised again on the third day and went up to Heaven. He will return one day in bodily form, to set up HIS Kingdom on the earth.

To make sure that you have a place in his Kingdom, it is as simple as ABC.

A Admit that you are a Sinner and that you cannot get to Heaven on your own. You need God, and what Christ did on the cross for you.

B Believe in what Christ did for you, that he came, died, was raised to life, and is coming again very soon.

C Confess him as Savior and Lord of your life. If you Confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Romans 10:9-11 

That is, if you do that you have been saved, and can start to walk out your new life as a Believer.

I hope that you take what I have written to heart and give it some very strong consideration. God wants everyone to come to salvation. The Bible says that his arm is not so short that he cannot save.

Take the step, ask what ever questions you have, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Until the next time,

God bless,


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