NEWS RELEASE: 📰 The Altered Stories Ministry Board Team is excited to announce that Pastor Polly Ann Sanders-Peterson has joined our Board team to serve in the role of Pastoral Board Member.
Pastor Polly is the Founder and President of Covenant House of Love aka PPS Ministries.  She is also a counselor, teacher, published author of four books, tv and radio host, conference and seminar leader and speaker.  She has conducted women’s support, counseling and healing groups in the Colorado State Prisons Systems for the last 8 years.   She loves to mentor, teach, and help emotionally wounded women become “Whole” and come to know God’s unconditional, unceasing love and build intimate relationship with God and The Living Word of God.
Pastor Polly is also a respected church ministry leader, beloved wife and Mom, Grandma and Denver salon business owner who has won many awards. She is also a highly sought after hairstyle expert.
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Healing, Love, and Support

Hear what makes Altered Stories Ministry so DIFFERENT!

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