February 2023


Mischelle has a new book coming out!  My Healing Memoir book contract signed on Valentine’s Day 2023! 

I’d love your support as I write my book!  Check out my Redemption Press Jumpstart page link to learn how you can best support me!

The book under way is currently titled My Altered Story (which may change in the editing and publication process). In it Mischelle shares about her experiences with a cult in her early childhood years and how God used this traumatic experience to bring her to her calling. She is writing this book to provide encouragement, education, and awareness about spiritual abuse for trauma victims and survivors.

Mischelle has publicly shared her story on more than twenty five podcasts. Along with her nonprofit organization, Altered Stories Ministry(www.alteredstories.org), and her global podcast ministry, The Altered Stories Show, this book will help those who have dealt with spiritual abuse and cults to heal from the brokenness caused by those toxic experiences. Redemption Press is excited to co-labor with Mischelle to meet this crucial need.

If you’d like to encourage Mischelle as she continues taking bold steps of faith in this publishing journey, please click on the link to give a gift in any amount of $35 or greater.

Thank you for supporting this project!

NEWS RELEASE:  Mischelle Saunders-Gottsch interviewed with VoyageKC (https://voyagekc.com/) last month to share her Altered Story!  The questions they asked her were personal and powerful, just like the God stories shared on “The Altered Stories” show podcast.
Mischelle was honored to be included as one of several Women Trailblazers in Kansas City rewriting the narrative!
You can read her full interview here:
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