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Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

Episode 112

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In this Episode, I interview special guest, Christa Spaeth.  Christa is from Minnesota and is the Founder of Christa Joy Ministries founded in 2022.  She is an author, prayer warrior and an encourager.  She is also a wife, mother of two and is passionate about helping the hurting and sharing the love of Christ.  In our authentic conversation, Christa shares her transformational “Finding My Voice” God Story about her journey from corporate America as a successful nutritionist into full time ministry and how God spoke to her about her ministry and guided her as she made the transition.  She also shares how God sent supporters to encourage her and how HE helped her as she wrote her book and started her podcast.  She also shares how she has leaned into God’s promises from the Bible this past year, as she continues to encounter speed bumps.  In closing, she encourages other Christians who are stepping out in faith to follow God’s calling and keep pressing forward as they stand on HIS promises.

In This Episode:

Crista Spaeth is the founder of Christa Joy Ministries. She is also a podcaster, author, prayer warrior, and encourager.
For over 20 years she worked as a dietitian in a test kitchen. She got paid to eat!
We’re set apart from others and called to share how God has transformed our lives.
Christa shares her “Finding Your Voice” God story.
She was born and raised in a Christian home so she had the wonderful opportunity of becoming a Christian at 4 years old.
Growing up she was close to the Lord and had a wonderful walk with him with the exception of college. She steered away from God for a few years but God called her back.
In 2021, the Lord told her she needed to help the hurting. She left her corporate job of over 24 years.
In January 2022, after she left her job, God met her in her quiet time and told her she was going to write books.
When things are hard that is when we have to push through. In the body of Christ, it is important to rely on each other.
It is not easy but God will be with you.
It is important to fill yourself up with what God has for you.
You are important to God. He knows you, he loves you, and he has great plans for you.



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“We’re set apart from others and called to share how God has transformed our lives.” – Christa Spaeth
“People are looking for the hope we have.” – Christa Spaeth
“It is important to fill yourself up with what God has for you.” – Christa Spaeth

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