Episode 74

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In this episode, I interview a special guest, Eileen Grasso. Eileen is a widow who grew up in NYC and was married to the love of her life for 38 years. She is a mother of 2, grandmother of 8, and has been a Jesus follower since 1989. She has served the Lord in missions, women’s Bible Studies and currently leads a GriefShare study at her church. In our authentic conversation, Eileen shares her God story of infertility and how God answered her prayer by bringing her a son, which resulted in her accepting Jesus. She also shares her story of God’s faithfulness during her husband’s pancreatic cancer journey and how God carried her through the loss of her husband and being a widow. In addition, Eileen shares encouraging words to those who may be struggling with grief and words about the GriefShare study she leads that has brought her and others healing who have taken the study

Meet Eileen Grasso!
I grew up in NYC.  I was married 38 years to the Love of my life (now widowed)…Am blessed to be the mother of 2 children; grandmother to 8. Been a Jesus follower since 1989.
Served the Lord through missions, women’s Bible study, and co-lead GriefShare at my church  (a 13- week faith-based grief support program designed to foster hope and healing in those grieving the loss of a loved one).
I enjoy studying God’s word with other friends; traveling; exploring new places; spending time with my friends and family (including my fur-baby, Angel); reading; cooking; entertaining; trying new restaurants; games; camping;  and shopping. I love having white space on my calendar to either relax or be spontaneous! 😊

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