Episode 59

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In this Episode, I feature special guest, Nancy Lindgren from Fairplay, Colorado. Nancy is a national speaker, author, and the CEO/Founder of MORE Mentoring. She is also a wife and has four grown children and a son-in-law. Nancy has also authored/co-authored a series of four books called Together – A Mentoring Guide for Mentors & Mentees, with three new books on the way – one for teens, men, and new believers. In our authentic conversation, Nancy shares her God story of how God as her great mentor, showed his amazing love to her in personal ways throughout her life to transform her to help others and to grow in her faith to equip her for her future mentoring ministry. Nancy also shares why mentoring is so powerful and how God is using mentoring today through her ministry to transform women’s lives to become future mentors.

Hello, I’m Nancy

I get it. Mentoring can feel intimidating. But, on the other side of that intimidation and fear is the great influence we can have in the lives of others.

My sincere hope is for mentoring to be a part of every woman’s life – so I’m really glad you’re here! 

We all need someone who will journey with us – someone who will love, listen, encourage, and pray with us. 

Let’s experience MORE together!

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