Hello, Altered Stories Family,

Today, I want to talk about comforting others. The Bible says that we receive comfort from God, so we can in turn comfort others.  This is especially true when we can minister from things we have gone through.

For example, if you have dealt with something like suicide or domestic abuse, but you have through God’s power overcome by the blood of the lamb, you can share that victory in your testimony of what God has done with another person.  This is why Christian women’s God stories are shared through the Altered Stories Show podcast to help women around the world who are struggling and in need of healing.

This past week, I experienced this with a friend of mine who was going through something very hard.  I found that I could offer help to my friend based on my own experiences in the same area.  More than anything, I could pray and conduct spiritual warfare over my friend, because I knew what it was like to fight the issues my friend was dealing with.

As a member of the body of Christ, we are called to be a comfort, showing others God’s love because he first loved us.  Today, I challenge you to ask God who you can show his comfort and love to in your life.

God bless,