For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

Episode 43 Teresa”s Blog Story

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In this Episode, I feature my first 2020 special guest co-host Teresa Blaes, Altered Stories Ministry Volunteer Energy Blogger and Author, host of the Unresolved Life podcast and the Teresa Blaes Show.  Teresa is a Christian wife, Mom and cat Mama and also owner of Kadosh Media with her husband, Michael Blaes.  In our conversation, we discuss the Energy blog located on the Altered Stories Ministry website (  Teresa and I talk in depth around the blog topics (Grief, Peace in the Midst of Changes, Yom Kippur, Unity, Shalom, Jesus Return, Light in the Darkness, New Mercies) and how she lets the Holy Spirit lead her in her writing.  Teresa and I also talk about the upcoming Presidential election and  the responsibility that Christians have to voting based on their Godly principles.  

I’ve also added another Bonus Episode of the show segment “Memaw Moments”  titled “Pure Love.” 

Unresolved Life

The Unresolved Life podcast and blog were started by Teresa Blaes, after she returned to a relationship with God. It was founded on Isiah 1:18 “Come let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them white as snow.” upon her return, she realized that there were many unanswered questions that she had about her life, about her faith, and over the time that the idea formed, she realized that many people have similar questions.
The mission of Unresolved is two-fold, to first always give an answer for the hope that the believer has within them, 1 Peter 3:15
And second for the believer or follower of Christ, to offer answers to
the nagging questions that they have about life, faith, and any other issues that may come up along the way. This will be done in the following ways, by podcast episodes, resources, and blog posts that may consist of articles or poetry from various writers. Each contributor to Unresolved Life ministries is responsible for
their own content. Unresolved Life may or may not agree with the
statements in posts or episodes.

Connect with Teresa and hear more at:


1. To see the Gospel of the Kingdom preached in all the earth.

2. To see all believers follow the Lord in water baptism and to become true biblical disciples.

3. To see all believers free of any bondages and barriers (spiritual, psychological or physical) that would hinder them from fulfilling God’s plan for their lives.

4. To see all those called to the five-fold ministry trained and empowered for ministry within the paradigm of team ministry.

5. To see the fivefold ministry working together to train, disciple and empower all members of the Body to mature and to enter into the ministry that God has for them.

6. To see the Body of Messiah return to a balanced approach to our Hebraic Heritage and to become that Bride without spot or wrinkle.

7. To see the biblical model of family honored, strengthened and to achieve God’s full purpose for it in the earth.

8. To see communities and nations transformed by the power of God and through God’s people living in true biblical holiness.


1. We affirm that ethical monotheism is the cornerstone of all biblical faith: that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of the prophets, and the God of the apostles is the one true God.

2. We affirm that fully within the context of biblical monotheism, the fullness of God was made flesh in the person of Jesus (Yeshua) who was and is both the divine Messiah and the risen Lord for all humanity.

3. We affirm that God manifest as the Holy Spirit is entirely in the context of biblical monotheism.

4. We affirm the divine inspiration, full authority, and trustworthiness of the Holy Bible as the Word of God. These inspired writings are the Hebrew Scriptures (commonly called the Tanakh or the Old Testament) and the Apostolic Scriptures (commonly called the New Testament or Brit Chadashah).

5. We affirm that, in order to interpret the Holy Scriptures rightly, we must do so with the utmost care, respect, and scholarly integrity, considering the linguistic and grammatical context of the text itself and the history and cultures of the biblical peoples.

6. We affirm that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory and that salvation and inclusion among God’s people has always been and will always be solely by God’s redemptive initiative through believers’ trusting acceptance of his mercy and loving-kindness.

7. We affirm that New Covenant faith is inherently and essentially centered in Jesus the Messiah and that believers are justified before God solely by grace through their faith in Jesus as Lord and Messiah, through his death and resurrection.

8. We affirm that justification by faith is confirmed by and is demonstrated through a living faithfulness expressed in deeds of love, justice, and mercy by which believers manifest their love for God and for their fellow man.

9. We affirm the absolute inclusion in one family of all those who believe in the God of the Bible.

10. We affirm the kingdom of God as a present reality advancing toward a future culmination.

11. We affirm that the church is called to be the witnessing body of Jesus and that, in word and in deed, believers are responsible to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave to the church by being witnesses to all nations, sharing both faith and truth with everyone.

12. We affirm that God’s continuing commitment to the Jewish people, the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who are scripturally called Israel, is a testimony to his divine constancy, covenant faithfulness, and steadfast love.

13. We affirm the expectation of the Messiah’s return and the advent of the Messianic Age in the world to come,

14. We affirm the resurrection of the dead and final judgment.

15. We believe that the church must renounce, corporately and individually, theologically and practically, all forms of racism, ethnic prejudice, class discrimination, and gender bias (male and female).