For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

Hello Altered Stories Family!

I hope you all are well, and staying safe during these extraordinary times.

I want to ask you a question, if Yeshua Jesus is returning in body form, why should we care? Seriously, why should we be concerned if he returns or not, to set up his Kingdom here on earth?  Have you ever asked that even in passing?

This is the question I wish to address today.  You see we all know, that the Bible depicts a story of Yeshua Jesus who came as a servant, laid down his life, taking our sin on himself, while dying on the cross. He was buried, and rose again on the third day.

However, what most don’t consider, and what what many Pastors do not share, is the fact that Yeshua Jesus said that in the manner that he left, he would also return. This means that He will come back again in the clouds, with all the Saints, put evil in its proper place, including all of those who rejected him out right, and set up his Kingdom here on earth.

While the Bible is clear in this message, why don’t we hear Pastors talk about it? Why does it seem like they avoid the end times teaching, like they are a plague within the Word of God itself? Do they believe that it doesn’t matter?

Then for a moment, please let me be the voice of reason, a voice crying in the wilderness as it were.

Before I came to Christ, and gave my heart to him, I was given the Left Behind series to read and at the time.  I thought that this was a interesting read, a good, if not creepy bit of fiction.

I was not sure how factual the idea was, of a Rapture, but the series had its intended affect. I could not stop thinking about it.

One night while driving home, I asked my Mom about the Left Behind books, and she was not pleased at all. I truly believe that this series, along with a few other God events led me to Christ.

To this day, while I personally do not hold to a pre-tribulation view, I do understand and believe fully that Christ will Rapture his Church in the blink of an eye, and that he will return to set up his Kingdom.

He said he would return. He said that there would be a thousand year reign here on the Earth. Both the Old and the New Testament allude to this in multiple passages.

In fact, here are 14 Bible verses that refer to the Millennial Kingdom and Christ’s soon return.

And here is a song that refers to our Lord’s coming as well.

So, if the Bible devotes so many portions of Scripture to the soon return of Christ, shouldn’t we as followers of the King take the hint?

Friends, it’s time we wake up, stop slumbering in our pews, and go out in to the dying world, and share with them the living hope that we have. What is our alternative? How many people are willing to let go to Hell, because we were to fearful of speaking up?

It doesn’t matter what view you hold on the timeline of the end times. Here are the bare bones fact.  Christ is returning, and he will judge both his own kids, and those who practiced evil.

Our job, until that time is to knuckle up, put on our armor, and go to war for the souls of men, still lost in a evil world system.  We have a command, given by our Lord himself, to go in to all the world, and preach the good news to every creature.

So I ask you to follow his command, and share Christ with someone this coming week.

God bless,

P.S   If you have ben reading this, and you yourself have not received Christ as Lord, then you can do so by admitting to God that you are a sinner, believe that he died on the cross for your sin, and was raised on the third day.  You need to also confess him as Savior and Lord of your life.

My friend it is as simple as that and we would love to hear that you made that choice. Believe me, it is the best choice you will ever make!